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What is a Mezuzah?
A Mezuzah is a parchment which we affix to our doorposts, in which a scroll has hand-written paragraphs from the Torah.
This Mezuzah is made Aluminum castings .
Coated with silver, gold and Bronze.
This is a beautiful Mezuzah.
You can notice a beautiful Jerusalem old city gates , leaves design.
Engraved on the mezuzah is the letter "Shin", which stand for Israel door keeper.
This Mezuzah case is designed and handmade in Israel, a perfect gift from Israel that present the local contemporary vibrant
design scene in Israel.

Material: Aluminum castings
This is a solid Aluminum vintage mezuzah made in Israel.

case length is 25 cm (10")
case width is 5 cm (2")
parchment length14 cm (5.5") parchment (not included)
weight is 450g
There are two holes for nails or screws

Mezuzah Gate Door

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