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Series of watercolor and pastel works on paper or on canvas, describes the Jewish Life style as well as holy objects, synagogues, flowers and figures and more...

Beside the Original pieces, rooted in the Jewish Moroccan Heritage which is a unique and typical style of Michael Elkayam's Art Works, usually painted on parchment, there are also Fine-Art prints on paper that are redecorated by the Artist himself and signed by him. Those are high- quality prints with original touch of tempera colors, gold leaves and more, looks very samiliar to the Original pieace but cost less.


20"x17" (50cmx45cm)

24"x17" (60cmx45cm)
The painting including 5cm white space of  canvas in case you would like to stretch it on wood frame.

Playing at the piano

Size: 20"x17" (50cmx45cm) 24"x17" (60cmx45cm)
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